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Camaro RS Abandoned In Ohio land

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By Mark Weisseg

One cannot help to scratch our heads when you see a Camaro RS Abandoned In Ohio, beat up and wounded in the woods. The Ohio plate is not that old so this always begs the question to what in the world happened.

Nearly everyone knows certain cars are more valuable than others. Heck, my Mother is approaching 94 years old and at least knows a Camaro is worthy of respect. This particular Camaro looks like it has been through the wringer as Grandma used to say. Is it worth restoring? Heck yes!

It looks rough now but if you look past the obvious this car has the bones to move forward. Ever price out what fenders, hoods, doors and such cost on the aftermarket today? The aftermarket clearly knows where to set prices on these special cars. So, before you say I am nuts and this car is nothing but a rusty, beat up Camaro I beg you to pause. I can tell you from experience that buying aftermarket parts can be a roll of the dice. At times fit and finish are an issue. Quality is of top concern because you do want to buy a hood and find out it’s a piece of tin. Nothing is better than the original. Sure you may need to sand blast it or dip it but if the metal is strong you are miles ahead of buying something you have no idea about.

The Internet is full of carnival workers that spread falsehoods. It’s like reading trip advisor. There are plenty of people who work for a competitor that spend countless hours trashing the other company. Or, writing the praises of their own place. Be careful what you read and swallow. Your best bet is to be part of a club or an organization that you can share ideas, thoughts,and truisms. It’s easy to go on YELP and claim anything you want and nobody will combat you. Once it’s on the web it’s almost impossible to remove a bogus claim. So, if do your research strictly on what you read from total strangers you are asking for trouble.

I own many cars and have bought many parts from many sources. Why did I not stick to one vendor on a particular car? Just for the reasons I stated above. The difference is unbelievable at times with pricing and customer care. I have first hand knowledge in so many resources because I paid money to many of them. What is the return policy? Is there an upfront core charge? Do they fill the order right? Are they always back ordering items? And so on. It is a jungle at times so that is why I am strongly suggesting you build a circle of friends in your area that drive cars like you. You will discover very quickly who to do business with and who to run from.

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