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Would You Buy This Plymouth Superbird?

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By Mark Weisseg

You are driving along a country road and spot this treasure. After you wheel to a stop you have to get the lay of the land.

First issue. The Dog. That mutt will bark and get the owners attention. Second issue. The property. From the looks of the upkeep you better watch out for bunkers and booby traps. Now, you better figure the owner is outside and he may not be happy you are there. What do you want? What do you say? How do you get the property owner to listen to your pitch? Do you say he has a nice dog? Or, his property is something you always strived for? Lots of problems here folks so you better think fast before he shoves a twelve gauge up your rear end and asks if you like flying.

The real issue is the car. You know it has seen better days but how do you get to that subject quickly. I say be direct. You had better get to the point fast. He might shoot back a quick negative but then you beg for mercy and plead with him just to look at it. If you get that green light, start asking questions that force an answer between spits of tobacco. Finally, it’s time to be direct and ask how much would it be to buy it if he were selling it.
He might grunt it ain’t for sale so be quick with a response. That response might determine whether you are staying longer or leaving in a very big hurry. Be nice, don’t talk down to him as he may be smarter than you ever imagined. After all he owns this car and you don’t.

If you’re lucky enough to find a rare muscle car such as this one, you need to prepare yourself. Put yourself in the owner’s shoes. This car has probably sat for a long time and has had a few offers over the years. If so, you’re just another one trying to get the lowest price possible.

So, plan your strategy, think of all the ways you can counter them not wanting to sell. Say you want to restore the car to its former glory and you will keep them informed every step of the way so they know it’s in good hands.
There are many aspects to the negotiation, but if you come from the point of view of wanting to make this car the best it can be again, rather than just a quick deal, you will have the right mindset and you might just land that next rarity.

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