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Buy Of The Day, 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Yenko Build

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Buy Of The Day, 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Yenko Build


‘You have always wanted to “Step Back in Time” and Order “Your” Yenko, COPO or Baldwin Motion Camaro.’
“Now You Can!!!”…I can Build them Better, Stronger, Faster and they Run on Pump Gas…Plus Street able!’

‘Technology has come alone way since 1969.’

‘I have also built some COPO’s and Yenko’s for guys that have given up on their search for their Original COPO Camaro or if they found their “Original COPO” the New owner wants $450.000.00 for these Rare Camaro’s.’

‘They now just send me their Original Pictures of their COPO or Yenko and I Build it…but now they are Better, Stronger, Faster.’

‘I do use 1969 Dated 427 Motors or any Motor you would like.’

‘If you have Your “Dream Camaro” Stuck in Your Head…I can Build it.’

This is one of those ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ situations in life.
Do you wait until that special ride comes up for sale at the right price or do you have the car spec. you have always wanted in the car body you have always wanted, just not the original one?
Pros and cons to both routes.

With a personal build like this and taking in build time, knowledge and experience of the mechanics, you will have a very re-sellable ride, which should fetch more than the build price. Arguable, not as much as an original, but sometimes, life is too short to wait, when you can have what you want now.


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