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Branding Decals: Is it really a Plymouth?

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By Mark Weisseg

I am torn to call it a Plymouth but it says so on the side. Of course I am Joking because I love the old Plymouths and own one. But, my contention is should we plaster the brand name on the car?

I seem to see it with Plymouth and the word Hemi. You see I was brought up not to show off or brag. It stuck with me and only once in a while do I slip up and make an ass out of myself.

But why stick on a huge decal on your car telling the world it’s a Plymouth? Car guys and girls already know it’s a Plymouth and the non car people don’t care.

I am very interested in what our readers think of this habit. I think it takes away from a cars lines and beauty. Others like the world to know they are driving a certain kind of car. Today’s cars and trucks have decals on them to brag on a engine or make but we are talking our classics here. Do you ever see a guy that plasters the word “Corvette” all over the side of his car? I have not so why do some people put on giant decals on the quarter panels that state what model car they have?

In the grand scheme of things, this is obviously nothing new. You see it everywhere else from T-shirts, to bikes and everything in between. Branding boldly stated for the world to see, but with a classic car it almost seems to overt to slap on in big letters the brand. Most suffice with small badges on the grill or rear of the car.

Ok readers, your turn to comment.

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