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Bar talk: A True Hot Rod

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By Mark Weisseg

Just look at the pipes coming off that engine. Suicide doors, chopped top, white wall tires, tinted glass and painted to give you the impression that you just stumbled upon a very bad ass car.

Hot rods like this are so cool. The misfortune I hear is that the average person thinks it’s easy to do build a basic vehicle like this compared to today’s cars. After all, it’s does not have real fenders!

If only we could play a continuous movie at a car show that demonstrated the hard work, the long hours, the elbow grease, the amount of time giving up, and so on. Everyone starts out so strong and full of confidence. But, a few setbacks and your doubt yourself. Can I afford this? Am I doing it right? Will all this work ever end? And so on.
The parts purchases seem to never end, the endless nights and weekends of cutting, welding, and fabrication. You build a car like this and you will use every sense you have. Problem solving 101.
You will have things that don’t fit like they should or don’t work like you envisioned and the problems mount. When you get close to finishing, you gotta keep yourself in check or you will rush. If you rush, you will make mistakes or you miss an important detail. Worse yet, it won’t be how you want it.

Then after all that work, you have something as beautiful as what you see in this picture. This is a point when you realise all the hard work was truly worth it.
That’s the point. Everyone should bear this in mind in the middle of the build. Keep your eye on the end goal and it will keep you pushing through.
You may see TV shows where they can build a Hot Rod in a week or two, but timeframes are unimportant to the rest of us. Even if it takes a few years, it doesn’t matter. It’s the end goal that counts.

This is a true hot rod in every sense.

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