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Bar Talk: Camaro Cool

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By Mark Weisseg

Clearly, one of the best Chevys ever built has to be the Camaro. Sure, it has gone through many changes and even left us for a while. But, now it is back with a vengance.

Before all the bells and whistles and computer controlled everything, we were lucky enough to have what you see here. This is a 1970 model and I am one lucky guy that can say I worked on them and drove them. I go to shows today and hear people talking about how cool it must have been to drive one back in the day.

First it was an eye pleaser. Second, it had enough power under the hood. Not a ton of power, but enough to get you going strong.. Easy to work on from front to rear and the resale value held firm.

First-generation Camaros (’67- ’69) are arguably worth the most and have the most classic looks, the second-generation had a long run from 1970 to 1981 and still stood out in a decade of neutered performance.

The modern Camaro really got a shot in the arm due to the 2007 film, Transformers, which featured in 1977 Camaro, which ‘transformed’ into a fifth generation Camaro. both the old and the new guard featured in one film, cool.
Today, you have a huge choice of both old and new Camaros on the second-hand market. All of them have something to offer both the regular driver and the dragstrip competitor.

I know if you are a GM hater ( never hate) you don’t agree with anything I wrote. Just remember I was a Mopar guy only for years. Just Mopar and only Mopar. But, as time moved on I softened my stance and opened my brain and started enjoying the Fords and GM cars and trucks.

The Camaro is an easy car to resto mod or just drop a big 396 in it without much trouble. The modern versions are getting better every year and the starting to knock on the door of even the supercar market.
Now that’s a car to be proud of.

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