Another Barn Find?

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By Mark Weisseg

Recently a friend that I have had for about 40 years told me about a car in a garage that may interest me.
So, I stopped all other brain functions so he could have my full attention without drool. Turns out he knows of a 69 Roadrunner sitting in a garage long forgotten. Not the one I pictured above but in much better condition. Just years of neglect and solitude. So right away I said with glee that we need pictures and we need to go over there ( wherever) that is and buy it unless it is a total wreck.

Well, my friend is no fool and he knows the value of a matching numbers Roadrunner and said he is first in line for it. I agreed to that since it is his find. That was a few months ago and I sort of put it away in the deep trenches of my mind.

However, recently I told my brother about it and we both got very interested so I said I would reach out again. This time my friend said it is real but there is a snag. Apparently the car was owned by the father of this family and there is a struggle of sorts between a sister and a brother over the rights ( better known as $) of the car. My friend has assured me that he knows a way into this and if we all can be patient the door to the garage will be opened for us to take pictures and see it. If the car is not too far gone from sitting for over 30 years my friend will buy it and restore it.

My concern is my friend is the kind of guy that will color outside the lines and who knows what he will do to it. I want it to make it either original again or resell it as a true only once original car. Time will tell how this will shake out and I will keep you posted. I dread to think of this 69 sitting another winter doing nothing.

The plot reminded me of a huge barn find a year ago when myself and two friends went to way out of the way to a barn and were shocked to find a dozen cars in there. One was a right hand drive Model A, a jaguar, and … Well enough said for now. We need to keep this one under wraps for a while yet.

So, in closing please keep opening doors, talk to friends and strangers alike. These gems are out there yet just waiting for us to make them alive again.

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