America Muscle Cars Inspired By fish

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Car designers have always been inspired by the most unlikely or left-field of places when it comes to car design, especially in the early years.

Many car designers found their inspiration from nature and it’s not surprising. Now this field is down to an exact science called Biomimicry, which is no surprise as nature has refined and perfected its solutions over hundreds of thousands of years.

Our sea dwelling cousins seem to be the top of the inspiration tree when it comes to car design, so here are a few from the muscle car world.

The Corvette Stingray
the Corvette stingray, the Corvette Manta Ray and Corvette Mako Shark all get their sleek designs from the sea.
The Corvette stingray is obviously the most long-lasting, inspired by GM’s head of design, Bill Mitchell, who was a keen fisherman. His inspiration came first from a Mako shark he caught and mounted and decided to use the lines and colors from the shark in the Mako Shark shark car. same with the rest of the lineup. The Corvette stingray being the car eventually made it to full production and has lasted up to today.

Plymouth Barracuda
This prizewinner from the golden age of muscle cars could have easily be called the ‘Panda.’ Luckily, that name was scrapped in preference for the Barracuda, to fit the car’s long, sleek lines.
The Plymouth Barracuda wasn’t an immediate hit, but the 1970 version made up for this taking on its immediate rival the Ford Mustang.
Just like its namesake, it’s sleek and fast mobile, capable of taking on anything around it.

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