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A ‘Sporty’ Looking Dodge Charger

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By Dave Ashton

Its amazing how a vehicle can just have a few different external features for us to perceive it in a completely different way. This is the case with a Dodge Charger posted on Dodge’s Facebook page. Dressed in white with a black and red stripe running down the middle has suddenly turned a modern muscle car into a sports car look.

As we are all visual animals, a new lick of paint can make all the difference to the selling public. Those who were not interested in a muscle car before because of its associated connotations or whatever the reason, could be interested if it looks like a straight up sports car. Maybe also vice versa.

As the modern muscle car is a niche market, could this be the way forward to get more sales? Make certain models straight up sports vehicles?? This will probably go against purists way of thinking, but any way to push sales in this market should be a good thing. The Challenger’s look is all up modern muscle car, while the Charger with its wide open grille can match the similar looks of other sports vehicles on the market.

The Charger will always be a muscle car, but dabbling in some extra curricular activities couldn’t harm any.

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