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7 Common Traffic Violations That May Land You In Legal Trouble

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Let’s face it – you must have violated traffic rules at some point in your life. If caught, such violations come with tickets (penalties). You will then need to fight your traffic ticket, which can be time-consuming. 

We have listed seven common traffic violations that can and you in legal trouble. Read these carefully to avoid any penalties or accidents in the future. 


Speeding can be thrilling but could be hazardous for your life and wallet at the same time. In fact, the worst crashes are a result of high speeds. Be sensible while driving. You give yourself a better chance of controlling things in case of a crash if your vehicle’s speed is within the braking limits. Moreover, all places have strict traffic laws for overspeeding. 

Always keep the speed limit in mind and slow down near schools, residential areas, and during inclement weather.

Ditching The Seatbelt

You might think, “It’s just one mile, is it really needed?”. Well, it is. Imagine your chest about to hit the steering during the crash — sounds scary? Think about this every time you decide to ditch that seatbelt. A crash can happen anytime; it doesn’t depend on the distance. A disturbing stat by CDC revealed that more than half of adults & teens who lost their lives during the crash were unbuckled. 

Ignoring The Red Light

You can’t overrun a red light. That’s off the charts and obvious. There are high chances you’ll get hit by another vehicle or face a traffic ticket. Either way, is it really worth it? 

The same is applicable for stop signs. Many drivers mistake Yellow for “speed up” rather than “slow down and prepare to brake.” Be vigilant during driving and NEVER outrun a red light. 

Abruptly Switching The Lanes

Abruptly switching the lanes (swerving) not only makes you liable to get penalized, but it also makes life tough for the drivers driving next to you. This can also become a life-threatening encounter on the highways. Be wise while driving and understand that it’s better to reach your destination late than be at the hospital. 

Not Stopping For School Buses

It is mandatory to stop your vehicle when you’re driving behind or even opposite the School Bus. They need to stop and de-board the kids, who can jump a step or two sideways of the Bus. You plowing your way through a school bus can hit a kid, which can land you in serious trouble. You must also make way for an ambulance, because it could be a matter of life and death for the patient inside. 

Drunk Driving

According to the CDC, more than ten thousand people lose their lives every year due to drunk driving. If you’re caught driving drunk, you can face severe fines that can touch several thousand dollars. Moreover, you can also lose your license, your license can get suspended or worse, land you in jail for several months. 


Seeing someone tailgating your vehicle can be frustrating. Moreover, it can be risky if you need to brake suddenly. It is a traffic violation and can get you penalized instantly. Also, tailgating will damage your vehicle as well; why not just slow down and switch the lane instead?

Final Word

Traffic penalties are ugly and can be avoided by having patience, slowing down, and paying attention. Accidents and tickets are avoided when you drive responsibly on the road. Plus, this will also allow you to dodge the expensive cost of high vehicle insurance premiums.

Although we have tried to cover most of the traffic violations in this article, there is no limit to accidents or fines that can happen by irresponsible driving. Ensure that you don’t violate the ones mentioned in this article. Your wallet & fellow drivers will be grateful to you.


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