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The Coolest and Sexiest Muscle Cars In Los Angeles

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By Dave Ashton

Los Angeles will always be a hot area to see high end vehicles and this is also the case for new and classic muscle cars. Over at they have compiled a list of the ‘The Coolest, Sexiest, Rarest Cars in L.A.’ which includes the usual lot of super cars, but most importantly, the muscle cars on show.

Its the ‘muscle’ aspect here that stands out the most and its good to see in the list along side the super high end vehicles, muscle cars some costing a fraction of the supercars on show. LA maybe unique in the fact that it’s not just the show of McLarens, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and such that get the spotlight but also vintage vehicles, like a classic AMC. Problem nowhere else on the planet would you get such a varied mix of vehicles, which don’t just spam huge time periods, but also vehicles from every corner of the planet.

the line-up also shows that you don’t have to spend a kings ransom on a vehicle. You just need to have an eye for something classic and unique and what better than a classic muscle or pony car. So although you can get a gold covered McLaren or Lamborghini, a late 60s muscle car can still hold its head up high in the lineup or drive down some of the most exclusive parts of LA with pride.

Check out the incredible muscle car images below car of GQ. Sorry, no supercars here………

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

AMC Javelin

Cadillac El Dorado – not strictly a muscle car, but vintage with a hugh engine all the same.

Ford Mustang

Chevrolet El Camino Classic

Ford Galaxie 500

Buick Gran Sport convertible


Chevrolet Stingray

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