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1913 and Onwards

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By Mark Weisseg

Looking at this picture is sort of fun. It’s how the first automobile dealerships were.

Remember, few cars were even on the roads and roads were muddy paths. So, if you wheeled your car into a dealership like this you might get lucky and find someone who knows what they are doing. Kind of like today.
But back then the guy fixing your mechanical wheeled machine might also be the guy giving a stuffed up horse a garden hose enema. He could be up to his elbows in grease or up to his elbows with intestines. But, everything needs to start somewhere.

When you look back and understand there were no real roads or laws for right of ways or anything else we conduct ourselves by. The motorized car was frowned on by the majority. It was noisy, scared the cows and horses, and yet there was a curious bunch. Considering most people never went beyond ten miles of their home the car offered an opportunity to do so providing you could find gasoline before you fell off the edge of the earth.

It must have been something to see these first cars bouncing down the dirt paths with the onlookers giving you a wave or a one fingers salute. The Industrial Age was in full gear and the world was changing. Some despised it while others embraced it. Just like today. Some like no change others want constant change just for the sake of change. But, as the car popularity increased, the smart business people figured out they would need to be repaired.

You can shoot a horse and fix the problem but a car needed some mechanical intelligence. Just to give you something to ponder. My Grandfather on my Mothers side lived until the ripe old age of 87. He never drove a car and obviously never owned one. Yes, he rode on trains and buses but never flew in a airoplane or drove a car. Hard to imagine but it’s the truth.
Back in 1913 things were changing at a very rapid pace. I really do wish I could have seen that for myself and then like Star Trek transform or beam myself to 2016. It is hard to imagine what the people brains could manage. Remember for anyone in there late 50’s on up its there parents that first saw Television, or a Telephone, or a few other marvels we consider out dated and normal.

Young children today believe computers have always been a part of living. An ATM machine is where you get money if you need some, a cell phone has always been around and much more. Go talk to a young child if you want a good laugh and see how they view the world and what we use daily. My first computer was in 1996 and it baffled the heck out of me. And that dial up access was awful. Remember downloading a picture? It took all night sometimes. Busy signals trying to get on line. The stories are long and funny now. Just like your hair style and clothes in the 90’s.

So, here we are in 2016 and the humble muscle car still exists nearly 50 years on. This at least shows some things are here to stay.

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