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By Mark Weisseg

This is Wayne Carini from F40 MotorSports standing next to a sign with his first name on it. I don’t have any idea if he bought it but it is certainly cool. I enjoy his TV show a lot.

However, back to Auto Collections because we write stories with pictures about fast muscle cars and we live to imagine ourselves behind the wheel of such cool cars. But, I am willing to bet many of us have collections of automobile things too.
Die cast cars, posters, maybe a part or two in the garage or man cave as well. I tried at an auction recently to buy a Eco Meter but the bidding got silly and I passed. I just thought it would be cool to have an old air pressure machine with the crank and bell set up. They are a bit rare and the costs are up. Clearly reproductions are being made but I wanted a real one. This auction also had old automobile type clocks, oil drums, and neon lights. A Texaco two sided sign in good condition went for $2500. I hope the bubble does not burst soon or this person flips it right away because that was a lot of money.

I own and collect a few things and desire more but there is a limit to what I will spend. I have a budget like everyone so I cannot spend money like I am making it in the downstairs. However, many of these collectibles will go up in value in time like this sign, as there is only one known of. One of one is very good of course.

So for now buy the collectibles and enjoy them. Resale value should not be your top concern. Your top concern should be the enjoyment the product brings you. Every garage and man cave will only be enhanced by your hobby.

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