2018 Yenko Supercharged Stage II Camaro 1,000HP

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By Dave Ashton

The new hot numbers when it comes to horse power in modern muscle cars seem to be between 800-1000hp and the new kids on the block is Specialty Vehicle Engineering’s new ‘Yenko’ Camaro. They already have a 825Hp version, now the 2018 edition has been ramped up to 1000hp. This means they are joining the likes of Hennessey in topping the 1,000HP mark and obvious comparisons against the Dodge Demon in the horsepower wars.

Checking out their contents page for the car, you’ll see that it has many yummy ingredients which include a 6.8L/416c.i. and 875 pound-feet of torque, custom-built aluminium V8 with ported LT-4 cylinder heads, forged 4340 steel crankshaft, H-beam rods, upgraded fuel system and injectors, custom stainless steel dual-mode exhaust and supercharger with 1000HP badging all-round to remind you how much this beast can kick out.

The car at its base is a 2018 Camaro SS 1LE, with upgrades all around which include the GM Magnetic Ride Control, suspension upgrades, electronic limited-slip differential, all sat on 20-inch wheels and Michelin PS4S tyres. The exterior get a carbon fibre hood, stripes in seven different colors. To get one yourself you need to donate a 2018 Camaro 1SS with 1LE options and the Yenco/SC Stage II package then starts at $66,995. Additional costs will be custom colours and a a General Motors big brake kit which then cost over $110,000+. They are limited to only 25 models and need to be ordered through a Chevrolet Dealer. This that makes them highly exclusive, custom vehicles.

The Don Yenko association helps make the car even more exclusive, with the ‘SYC’ and Yenko/SC badging. At least it is in the spirit of Yenko, taking a base model and added exclusive parts, even if not a direct lineage link, but does make for a more sellable linkage. Mr. Don Yenko made some of the best high-performance GM vehicles back in the day, taking the best parts from the GM COPO (Central Office Production Order) system to make some of the most wicked Camaros around at the time. Due to their high-end parts and arguably high-prices, they didn’t sell in great numbers and are thus highly collectable and revered today. Interestingly, the original Yenko Camaros had a L72 427ci. iron block V8 engine rated at around 450 HP and 460lbs. of torque capable of 0-60 mph in 5.4 seconds and a quarter mile time of 13.5 seconds at 105 mph.

Is this Camaro a comparison to the Dodge Demon as with all modern American vehicles now topping the 700Hp+ mark? Not really, it’s a low numbered edition, speciality vehicle for those with enough money to buy something out of the ordinary and quite custom. However, it does show that the 1,000HP mark is very possible from a custom outfit.

In a world where the amount of horses you have is still king no matter if it is a production vehicle or a one-off still counts. A super or hyper car may be seen as more exclusive and refined, but these muscle machines have more power at half the price, with arguably more raw fun…and at the very least, you can see out the rear window.

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