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2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon $500k??!!??

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By Dave Ashton

VIN: 2C3CDZH98JH102818
Engine: 6.2L supercharged Hemi 840 hp
Transmission: Automatic
Price: $500,000.00


The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon was originally sold only very recently brand-new for $84,995, with $1 extra for a crate full of dragstrip goodies and a high-performance powertrain control computer adding 32 extra horses. The problem was only 3,300 were made and they were snapped up or pre-ordered extremely quickly. This has made the Demon hot property to own with resale prices now bobbing around the $130k mark on average. However, it seems a few confident owners have slapped a buy it now or best offer price on their Dodge Demons for an eye watering $500k.

One of these is in Plum Crazy Pearl with 2 miles on the clock, the other is in Tor Red having done 48 miles. Both come more or less as brand-new with a fair few options but none of them so unique from the rest of the Demons currently on sale.

So, these two listings are basically like the ones you see for coins or bills with a slightly unique serial number which people ask an astronomical amount for just to see if someone will pay when the news hype is high for these things. The dilemma is if one of these get sold for the asking price, does this set the new asking price standard? Great news for anyone currently owning a Demon, but it also bumps up the price where far fewer can afford. Not good for genuine enthusiasts collectors rather than those that want to flip and turn a quick profit.

With quite a few Demons for sale, these two listings are just seeing how high an amount they can get for their vehicles and if someone wants one desperately enough, they may just pay above the odds. It only takes a few seconds to search for Dodge Demon’s on eBay to find another Plum Crazy or Tor Red Demon asking $135k with all the trimmings.


It’s the least worth keeping an eye on these two listings as they may set a precedent pricewise.


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