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1997 Viper GTS CS Prototype, 1 of 1, Mecum 2021 Auction

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Viper GTS CS Prototype

By Dave Ashton

The Dodge Viper was one of the most potent muscle cars of the 1990s. Now the vehicle is out of production, rare examples are becoming ever more sought-after. Fans of the vehicle will be happy that a 1997 Dodge Shelby Viper GTS CS Prototype will be coming up for auction in Jan. 2021 at Mecum Auctions.

This is the only example of the 1997 Viper GTS CS Prototype in existence. The initial idea was for Carroll Shelby and Dan Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Motorsports, Laconia, New Hampshire to build 50 examples for the Shelby Heart Fund. However, due to Shelby’s illness at the time, production stopped leaving this vehicle as the only example.

There are quite a few visual cues that make this Viper stand out, such as the custom front fender strakes, Le Man stripes, and Shelby’s autograph on the front fenders and the interior. The Viper Red and Gold Le Mans stripes follow throughout the car, making it stand out in any crowd.

In terms of mechanical upgrades, this Dodge Viper features a modified exhaust and intake, an enhanced computer module, 3.73:1 rear axle instead of the usual 3.07:1 version, and racing harnesses. The car also comes with a letter of authenticity, and it’s the first time the car has been for sale since being purchased by the original owner.

Viper GTS CS Prototype-1

It also looks like the Viper comes with a few extra freebies. Included in the auction is what looks like a bottle of whiskey or bourbon from the Hilton Head Concours Team Viper 2019, which has been autographed. There is also a signed picture of the car by Carroll Shelby himself.

Estimates for the auction are between $200,000 and $225,000, for this 8 L, 500 hp, 6-speed monster.

Find out more about the auction here.

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