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1987 Buick Regal Grand National 900 HP

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Engine: 3.8L 3800CC 231Cu.In. V6, Turbocharged.
Transmission: Automatic.
Mileage: 25,912.
Price: US $89,988.00

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The Buick Grand National and the infamous Buick GNX, were almost like one of those bands that came along, produce some amazing tunes for a few years, then disappeared, with only the people in the know following their dedicated linage.

The Buick Grand National was arguably the standout muscle car of the 80s and the perfect platform to be enhanced.
Arguably, this is one of the best you can get from both a bodywork and mechanical standpoint. It also comes from somebody who has put their heart and soul into the car, so now it’s your chance to be the latest custodian of this fine vehicle.

You may think nearly $90,000 is a lot to pay for an 80s car, but when it’s a Buick Grand National as good as this, it’s worth every cent.

‘I bought this car about 8 years ago from the original owner with around 22,000 miles & drove it around for about 3,000 miles before i made it the fastest GN i ever owned.
I was going to buy a GNX but it wasn’t fast enough & too high of a starting point to modify & didn’t want a garage queen or a car i couldn’t drive .
I wanted the car to have the respect it’s once hade & not get mopped up by some 18 year kid in a subaru STI that don’t know how to drive so i did some research & got in touch with Cal Hartline & told him i REALLY WANT A FAST GN.

It took around 4 years to complete the plan and obtain all the parts needed.
The car was repainted once & is laser straight with a very high gloss with no orange peel.
I guess i did what had to be done in my eye’s as a GN lover!
It’s king of the hill like it was meant to be.
I BUILT IT TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY WITH AN OPEN CHECK BOOK making it as fast & street legal with factory a/c.
It had to be reliable to drive anywhere that i wanted , work or play as i am not a mechanic.
The car start’s up every time just as i planned, it is a work of art, love & labor and it put’s a smile on my face very single time i step on the gas.

The car makes 900 HP @ 35 pounds of boost , Cal just re tuned it a few weeks ago & @ 17 pounds of boost its @580 HP on pump gas. ‘




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