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1972 AMC Javelin 401 State Trooper Car, 1 of 16

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By Dave Ashton

VIN: A2C797Z154371
Engine: 401 Police Fleet Duty V8
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior Color: Silver
Mileage: 84,785
Current bid: $25,900.00


It may not be everybody’s ambition to own a state police car, but when you have one in as good condition as this example, it’s hard not to be tempted. The car is said to be 1 of 16 known to exist in the javelin AMX registry and was painted silver to fulfil late 1971 orders due in 1972. It’s a fine example of a police configured Alabama Javelin.

Clearly, the car is in great condition inside and out wwith the engine being fully rebuilt along with suspension and the brakes. It’s unclear if the car itself has been restored, but indications like the decals being static cling and the Dietz 2-11 Roof Beacon being magnetic may mean it’s had some work over the years.

All the gauges and tachometer are said to work. The original vinyl seats have been recovered, but the retro-blue plastics are still there in great shape. The engine bay is clean and only shows a few loose wires here and there, reflecting the rest of the vehicle.

One of 16 is a rarity in anybody’s book, but the condition of the car coupled with the relative price means this is a worthy car for anybody wanting a vintage muscle car with a nice back history. AMC’s may never be in the price category of other rare muscle cars, but they have all the DNA you would want at a fraction of the price.





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