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1970 Dodge Superbee Project

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VIN: WM23NOA166982
Engine: 400
Transmission: 727
Exterior Color: Orange EV2
Mileage: 61,000
Starting bid: $13,000.00


This 1970 Dodge Superbee could be an interesting project having been parked up since 1988, has a non-original motor, original transmission and quite a few parts to get you going. The exterior has turned from its original EV2 Orange to primer grey, looking like someone started some restoration job in the past, but never finished.

The original engine was a 383ci. V8, now with a 1972 400ci. with a mild cam. With all the decals in the quarter window, this car was planned for drag racing especially with all the parts that come with the car from Summit Racing such as racing cam, gasket set, racing heads and a bunch more. It’s not stated if the present engine is running or not.

There are no shots of the interior which is said to be out of the car but you do get new carpets, seat covers and rear deck interior panels. There doesn’t seem to be any surface rust on the car and shots of the underneath look pretty clean, but a closer inspection will be needed to see if any rust lurks past prying eyes. The engine bay on the surface looks quite rust free and clean. The listing even says there is a build sheet somewhere….

With the additional parts and the basic original vehicle, this may suit somebody with the means to get this Super Bee back in shape, but it would require time and effort. Still at a reasonable asking price.




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