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1969 Dodge Daroo I Proto Plasm

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Daroo means dart or spear.
the car was created for display at major car shows during the ’68 and ’69 seasons, with Dodge’s chief stylist, Bill Brownlie, laying the groundwork for its construction. The actual work was performed under contract to Chrysler by George Barris of North Hollywood, California, whose shop was considered one of the trendsetters in automotive modifications.


Daroo I began life as a red ’67 Dart GT convertible, one of the few built that year with the 383 Magnum for power. The engine was left unmodified, as was the stock 111-inch wheelbase. However, Barris added a 17-inch nose extension to the body and removed 10 inches from the rear for a new, overall length of 202 inches. The convertible top was removed, a lowered windshield was added, and the body’s beltline was redesigned, giving the car an overall height of 42 inches. Suspension changes were limited to cutting the leaf springs at the axle and mounting a single coil above the 831/44 axle housing.



















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