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1969 Dodge Coronet A12 Super Bee With Lift Off Hood

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1969 Dodge Coronet A12 Super Bee image

VIN: WM23M9A270645
Engine: 440ci. 6 Pack V8
Mileage: 53276
Transmission: 833 four speed Manual
Exterior Color: R4 Bright Red
Interior Color: Red
Price:US $79,995.00


I was just reminded the other day that the website hasn’t featured a standout example of a muscle car for sale for some time. No excuses, as we have simply been focusing on other stuff. So, when I came across this 1969 Dodge Coronet A12 Super Bee which is gathering quite a bit of interest online, it was worth looking at a bit closer.

The 1969 Dodge Coronet A12 Super Bee came at roughly the height of the golden era of muscle cars. It was essentially a rebadged Plymouth Road Runner, with the ‘Super Bee’ name coming from the B Body design and a lower priced version than its Roadrunner counterpart. The A12 version, which you can note from the ‘M’ fifth digit in the the VIN number. The Super Bee was also 65lbs. heavier than the Roadrunner and had a 117-inch wheelbase, compared to the Roadrunner with 116 inches. Externally, the Super Bees had bumblebee tail stripe, a better grille, a chrome plated Bee medallion badge and taillight ornaments. These A12 M-code cars were an option which added mechanical and visual components to make it a cut above the rest.

Items included in the A12 package included a ‘six-pack’ three, two-barrel Holley carbs., 440ci. V8 with 390bhp, 4:10 gear-ratio Dana 60 axle, the option of automatic or four speed manual transmission and lift off black hood. Other small engine items were added, along with 11 inch drum brakes, black steel rims and 15 inch high performance G-70 tires. Only 1,907 examples were made in 1969, making one of these cars a bona fides rarity.

1969 Dodge Coronet A12 Super Bee image

A quick scoot around online and the Super Bee registry says 826 examples of the WM23 Hardtop 440 Six Pack Engine / Manual 4spd Transmission were produced in 1969. Digging a bit deeper and this seems to be the same car on another website showing a few more details.

This listing doesn’t come with loads of details, as it’s the usual, ‘if you know what you’re looking at, you know what it’s worth’ scenario. The listing does say that the car comes with the original broadcast sheet and the condition is show quality. The listing also says that the car has been featured in ‘Hemmings Muscle Machine Magazine’ and any prospective buyers can have a live virtual walk around via facetime with the listing having simply loads of pictures and a video which you can see below.

1969 Dodge Coronet A12 Super Bee image

The exterior of the car comes in R4 Bright Red with an equally bright red interior which does look immaculate. The same goes for the exterior and engine bay, with even shots of the underneath not showing any rust spots apart from a tiny bit on the rear leaf springs.

As for being a worthy buy or not, there are three other 1969 Super Bee A12s for sale on eBay currently. This one is the cheapest of the lot, with the highest price one being sold by RK Motors for $119,900. That one has the lowest mileage, but also has the usual dealer markup. This means that this example A12 could be a reasonably priced purchase as long as everything checks out. Hopefully, there should also be some back history that comes with the car.

1969 Dodge Coronet A12 Super Bee image

In any case, this is a definite muscle car rarity which will definitely hold its value and increase over time.



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