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1969 Chevrolet El Camino, Numbers Matching

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By Aaron Philips

When you see these images of muscle cars which are either barn finds or field finds in an autumnal wood, it almost looks spooky, where somebody parked up the vehicle decades ago, left for the next owner.

This example is a 1969 El Camino SS 396, with matching numbers powertrain and quite a solid body in parts ready for restoration.


The engine has its fair share of surface rust, is said to turn by hand, but they have not tried to start it.
Newish HT leads and one reasonable valve cover looks like some attempt has been made in the near past to get this running, so the engine may have potential.
Other than that, with a non-starting engine, it will need a complete strip down and parts replacing.

The exterior shows its signs of decay, with surface rust on most panels and the lower front fenders having their fair share of deep rust.
Other portions of the car also have rust set in with the front cross members needing completely replacing.
As with any barn or field find like this one, there are usually deep rust areas once you dig deep and this one is no exception.


The interiors is the actual surprise here with everything in quite good condition, with what seems only the driver’s seat needing a complete re-upholster.
Door panels and the dash seem intact and even the carpets don’t look too shabby.

Overall, for a current bid of $4600 with three days to go, this El Camino has all the elements to be made back into a great muscle machine at arguably one of the best years.
Check it out and see what you think.





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