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1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS L78 Project

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VIN: 136379K440797
Engine: 396ci.
Transmission: Manual
Color: Daytona Yellow
Mileage: 102,375
Price: $9,500.00


Still wearing its original Daytona yellow paint, this 1969 Chevelle SS minus original engine could be a fantastic project to last you into the New Year. However, buying into a vehicle like this is a delicate balancing act between final worth and repair costs, especially in this condition.

It’s clear that an original Chevelle SS L78 is one of the finest of the muscle car world, but you will have to source your own 396 V8 engine and have much welding work ahead of you. The exterior clearly shows lots of rusting and although the interior and much of the dash is still intact, it will still need a thorough restoration to bring it back up to speed.

69 Chevelles should all be saved if possible, and in top-notch condition this example would fetch a pretty penny. But after weighing up all the restoration costs, you may in this case be spending just as much as a worth of the end car. However, looking on the bright side, the value of these vehicles is going to keep increasing over the years, so it’s inevitable it’s worth will eventually outstrip its restoration cost. Would you buy into this project?

B80 Roof Drip Moldings
C08 Vinyl Roof Cover (Black)
C24 Recessed Wipers
D96 Wide Paint Stripe – Side (Black)
F41 Special Performance Front & Rear Suspension
G80 Rear Axle – (12 Bolt) Positraction
H05 Rear Axle – 3.73:1 Ratio
J50 Power Brakes
J52 PWR Disc Brakes
L78 Engine – V8, 396 Cu. In. Special Hi. Perf.
(definitely a 375 H.P. and possibly even an L89?)
M21 4-Speed Transmission – Close Ratio (definitely a 4-speed, and most likely the M21)
N33 Steering Wheel – Tilt
U14 Special Instrumentation (Tach & Gages)
U63 Radio – AM Push Button
Z25 Super Sport 396
927 SS396 paint




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