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1968 Chevrolet Camaro 350 SS/RS: I Need Parts!

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‘Parts, parts, my kingdom for some Camaro parts!’ said William Shakespeare, apparently…….ahem….

One of our readers, Fernando Flores, asked where he could source some Camaro parts for his recently bought 1968 Camaro.
‘Hello i have a 1968 camaro SS/RS. I’ve been looking for a page that can help me get some original parts.’
‘As you can see, i need 2 do a little work. Well, the paint its no problem, but the parts are.’

Hmmm, sourcing original muscle car parts is almost as hard as finding the vehicles themselves these days. ( I recently had a friend who tried to find a distributor for a 1970 Chevelle SS…… rarer than…..a rare thing….)

We have talked before about parts suppliers such as Ricks Camaros, which offer a wide range of parts for all the generation of Camaros, but sometimes you really just have to start searching through every listing you can, both on and off-line, word-of-mouth, newspaper listings, basically any lead you can follow to find that elusive part.
It takes time and energy, asking a lot of questions, asking for recommendations, starting locally, than expanding your reach out as far as you can realistically travel.

This really isn’t giving any complete answers, but to really say when it comes to sourcing muscle car parts, never give up the hunt. The parts are out there, it’s arguably just a matter of time before tracking them down.
Like a dedicated bloodhound, it won’t stop until it has found its prize. Do the same when it comes to muscle car parts, be that bloodhound.

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