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1968 AMC AMX: Compact Muscle

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1968 AMC AMX: Compact Muscle

Engine: 390ci V8.
Three-speed “Shift Command” automatic transmission.
Go package.
four-barrel carb, dual exhaust, power disc brakes, posi-traction rear end, handling package, heavy duty cooling, racing stripes and factory tachometer.
One repaint in the correct color (original paint remains under the hood)
the AMX was the only steel-bodied two-seater of its era.


AMC cars are easily overlooked from the muscle car era, as preferences usually goes to the larger models. But, the best way to describe an AMC AMX, using muscle analogies and presuming you would have heard of the guy already, is to compare the car to Franco Columbu, Arnie’s best friend, who was a bodybuilding, powerlifter and worlds strongest man competitor in the 70s. Short in stature, powerful and strong in every other way.
It’s the same with the AMC AMX. It had strength and power, as much or more than its contemporaries, only the AMC’s competitors got more of the limelight.
The AMC AMX could bench press just as much as its competitors and with a smaller body was more agile off its feet, but people of the time wanted only ‘big’ and AMC wasn’t, shame.
Small, powerful and compact can go in the same package, just don’t overlook them.




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