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The 1964 Pontiac GTO Book Review

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By Mark a Weisseg

The muscle cars of the past have a long and varied history. For most of us the hot rods started with jalopies in the early 1950’s and escalated from there.

The book I am reviewing is about the first muscle car of the 1960’s era. Yes, the “Goat” as it was later called really did start the muscle car craze. A guy named John DeLorean ( yes that guy) was the driving force behind getting this car built way back in the early 1960’s and it was no easy task.

The book is authored by David Bonaskiewich and printed by our friends at CarTech books. The book is 96 pages chocked full of vital information about this first modern day muscle car. Folks, it started the revolution of what would become the best era ever of fast muscle cars. The book contains 129 photos but more importantly is full of very useful information. If you want to better understand how our hobby started then this is the book to read.

Most readers will want to know what engines were available? What were the transmission choices or suspension set ups? Well, I am happy to report this book is the authority on this groundbreaking car. Many books have been written over the years about this revolutionary car but this book takes a deep dive without losing the readers interest. There is so much information that you will not feel as though something is missing. Remember, this is really the first fast muscle car of the era so there was no template. The car was a risk to build and faced many hurdles but now all these years later we can still buy and treasure these GTO muscle cars. The test of time has been excellent and will continue to be so.

Order your copy by calling 1-800-551-4754 or visiting this link.
You will not be disappointed with this book. I know you have questions and this factual book will be on your shelf as the true source for the Pontiac GTO for years to come.

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