1 in 3 Americans Will Never Consider A Self-Driving Car

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1 in 3 Americans Will Never Consider A Self-Driving Car


According to Harris poll survey, by business insider, 33% of all US adults would never consider buying or leasing self drive car. 36% of 38 to 68-year-olds and 50% of 69+ would also never buy a self driving vehicle.

Realistically, this is no surprise as there are no common clear examples of self driving car getting anywhere near to what we imagined one to work like on a daily basis.

Personally, the self drive car is one of those ideas which initially seems amazing. You are chauffeured about wherever you want, in total safety, but this seems more of a restriction than the car’s original ethos of giving freedom to the people.
I can only imagine the amount of safety restrictions have to be put in place on a self drive vehicle. Even if the vehicle has an option of being manually driven, the infrastructure and technology seems a massive mountain to climb.

If this is all in an attempt to increase road safety and reduce road congestion, then there are better ways to do this.

If I don’t want to drive, it’s either public transport or I am a passenger.
Great idea, but practically, not too sure.

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