A New Chevrolet 427 ZL-1 Engine Block Found After 40 Years

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By Dave Ashton

The Chevrolet 1969 ZL-1 427 all-aluminum big block engine is one of the holy Grail fines for any Chevrolet enthusiasts. One of the standout engine blocks from the muscle car period. This NOS (New Old Stock) was found in its original crate in the middle of Tennessee , with its original ink stamp of 3952318.

Only 300 of these blocks were cast for Chevrolet by the Winters Foundry, based in Canton, Ohio, from 1968 to 1974, with around 229 been sold at Chevrolet parts dealers. The ZL-1 engine block was intended for Can-Am in 1968 and one forwardthinking dealer Fred Gibb use the COPO (Central Office Production Order) route to originally put Camaros through the NHRA Super Stock drag racing competition but 50 units had to be produced to be legal in NHRA competition. 37 were produced due to the cost of the final vehicle, with another 19 been ordered by other dealers.

This engine block represents one of the originals and it’s anyone’s guess how much this 1969 ZL-1 will eventually fetch. The ZL1 has been reintroduced by Chevrolet a few times originally in 2012, but it’s this original find that stands out from the crowd.


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