2018 Dodge Demon To Use Air Con For More Horse Power

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By Dave Ashton

Blink and you will miss the latest Challenger SRT Demon video being only 15 seconds long, but it gets the point across in a cool way, pardon the pun. The latest teaser video centers on the Demon’s cooling.

The video titled, ‘No Ice’ reveals the Demon’s ‘liquid-to-air charge air cooler chiller system’ which will be the first for a production car. The idea is for the air conditioning to cool the air going into the engine. The more cool air going into the engine, the better. This means more fuel can go into the engine and thus more power.

Dodge say that the system can reduce the air temperature intake by 40°F. ‘This will make the engine perform like it is running in the cold Alaskan air, even after a day of runs down the strip on a hot summer day.’ All the teaser videos up to now point towards a hugely powerful vehicle, and its probable now that the exact power specifications will not be released until the New York auto show.

Not long to wait now until the car is finally unveiled.


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