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King Cobra And Mustang II Cars and Parts Collection

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By David Ashton

This is an interesting find over at Craigslist  for a collection of 1974 to 1978 Mustang II, Cobra II and King Cobra parts, also including a 16,000 mile King Cobra car.

All the parts have been collected over 20 years to maintain the guy’s crop of 7 Cobras, which seem to include everything from engines to various body parts, interior items and lighting.
How much stuff is in the guy’s collection is unclear, but from the few images there are some choice part here.

The ’78 King Cobra may just be a carrot dangler for the rest of his collection, but with so much stuff from parts to vehicles here, the guy may just have some stuff tucked away which may appeal to you. You may even be able to haggle on one of these seven vehicles.

Check out the listing over at craigslist and see if anything takes your fancy.



Mustang II Stash: King Cobra with 16K Miles

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